Callie's Weight Gain

    "Callie! Honey! We're leaving to drop you off to the airport for Colorado in twenty minutes. You better have everything in the car before we leave!"
    "I have everything, don't worry Mom!" I called back to her.
    I put my things into the car. I had three, full suitcases I was bringing with me to Grandma's. I was going to be there until a week before school started back up again, after all.
    And Grandma was very nice. I sometimes wished I lived with her. She bought me everything I ever wanted while at her house. Then, I could also get away from my brat sister, Christine. I had everything set for the summer. Everything was going to be perfect!

    Twenty minutes later, I was at the airport. My things were on bored and I was giving everybody hugs and kisses before I left. As soon as I was done, I climbed on board. I sat right by the window on the left side of the plane. There was an old man who sat right next to me, and a teenage boy sat on the other side of the old man. The ride wasn't actually too long this time. It felt faster than it had ever before.
    Then, we landed at the Colorado Springs airport. I grabbed my three suitcases and walked to Stop Number 7, where Grandma told me she'd be. And, of course, there she was in her white van. I was relieved she actually came on time.
    I put my suitcases in the back and climbed to my 'shot gun' position. Then, we drove to Grandma's house. It was just the same as it'd been.
Grandma decided to help me unload my suitcases. I took two of them, and she took the other. As we walked up the driveway, I saw one of the little barnyard kittens from last year. It was Sophie. I recognized her immediately - she was the little calico. Only, she wasn't little anymore. She wasn't fat, but she had become a little chubbier than your average cat.
    Grandma unlocked the house, and we walked in. I took the bedroom on the right side of the hallway upstairs. I unloaded a few things. It'd been a long day. I was planning on going to bed, but Grandma called for me to come to supper. 
    I stood up and immediately smelled delicious macaroni and cheese, some mashed potatoes, and some sweet crescent rolls. I knew it - Grandma was making me a 'welcome to my house' dinner. I always enjoyed Grandma's meals. I walked into the kitchen and took my seat across from Grandma. 
    There were two huge plates in front of me. Filled with macaroni, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls, green beans, cooked carrots, and some meat.
    "Grandma, I don't know if I can eat all this," I said, worridly.
    "Nonesense, sweetheart. You're as skinny as a stick! I don't want to see you starve to death. At least eat one plate, please."
    "Okay, thanks Grandma!"
    I dug in. I was going to try to eat both plates to show Grandma I wasn't trying to starve myself. By time the first plate was finished, I was pretty much full. But I just started forking in food as fast as I could, trying not to feel full as fast. I finished the plate and was going to excuse myself when Grandma brought me dessert. Strawberry cake with white icing - my favorite. I discreetly checked to see if my stomach was as bloated as it felt. It wasn't - yet, thankfully. So I ate two pieces of the cake. It was so delicious! I thanked Grandma for the delicous meal, and went upstairs to my room.
    I unbuttoned my denim shorts that were pinching the crap out of my stomach and sides. My belly nearly flew out of them. I changed into my pajama pants and a tank top. Then, my stomach started to hurt. So I told myself that if I went to sleep, it would go away. So I went to sleep for the night.

    I woke up at nine A.M. the next morning. I got some stuff ready so I could take a shower. As I was undressing, I looked at my belly. Still a little swollen from last night's dinner. So I jumped into the shower. As I cleaned myself with some body wash, I noticed that my belly was not going down at all. Oh well, I thought. I'll just go and run today sometime. As soon as I got changed into a different tanktop and different pair of denim shorts, and had my hair dried, I put my things back into the suitcases. I noticed that my shorts were a tad tighter..
    I walked out to see if Grandma was up. I walked into the kitchen, and sure enough, there she was, sitting at the table. Where I was to sit were two plates. One plate had five waffles on it, drenched in syrup. The other had a stack of five slices of toast and a few pieces of bacon on the side of that.
    "Thanks Grandma," I said, worried that I was going to actually finish it all.
    I started eating. I got on my fourth waffle, and my stomach started aching. But I forked down the other waffle. Next, I ate the toast. Everything was so delicious! I just couldn't stop myself. Before I knew it, I had eaten all of the slices of toast! I couldn't believe myself - what a piggy I was becoming! But I ate the bacon anyway.
    "Grandma, thanks so much! That was SO good!"
    "No problem sweetheart! You just ask anytime if you ever want seconds."
    "Sure thing!" but I doubted I'd ever be doing that.
    I walked upstairs to the bathroom. Each step was agonizing for my stomach. The shorts pinched and dug into my sides and my chubby little tummy. I got to my room. I locked the door. Then, I sat down and I nearly screamed. My shorts were so tight, trying their best to hold in my puffy, taught belly. I unbuttoned them, and my belly pushed through, falling forward. I began rubbing my stuffed tummy. My breaths were so shallow, I was so stuffed full of fattening goodness! 
    I changed into my Softe shorts. Those had even become a little too tight. I sighed. I am going to HAVE to run. So I went outside. I started to jog, but my tummy went up and down and made me feel sick to my stomach. A walk will be fine, I thought. It was odd though. I was becoming out of breath, and I was only speed walking. So I slowed down a bit more. It was only a little chilly out today, in Colorado. But I was getting pretty sweaty, trying to manage my shallow breaths so I could burn a few calories.
    I walked in and plopped down on the couch in the living room. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. Nothing good was on, so I walked to my room and got my phone. My phone had internet so I got on facebook. I updated my status with, "Grandma's meals are the best!" 
    That walk had made me a bit tired, so I got my iPod touch and started listening to some music. Next thing I knew, I was half asleep. I woke up an hour later. 11:00 A.M. I walked to the bathroom. I looked around to see if Grandma had a scale. It was only in the closet with toilet paper and such where I found a scale. It was a high techy looking one. I looked at when it was made to see if it'd be very accurate. Copyright 2004. Good enough. I stepped on. 106. A pound more than when I had left home. Oh well. I'll get rid of it soon, I thought to myself, although now, I wasn't too sure about that.

    I looked at my phone. It was already noon! I went downstairs to see what we were having for lunch. I stopped myself. Woah, woah, woah! I was actually looking forward to eating? 
    I shrugged it off and marched downstairs.
    "Oh, sweetheart! I thought you'd never come!"
    "Well, I'm here! What are we having for lunch?"   
    "I ordered some cheese sticks from Pizza Hut. Your mom told me that they're your favorite."
    My mouth started to water. "Uh, yes they are."
    "Well, I have a choropractor visit in thirty minutes. Cheese sticks are on the counter. Have as much as you'd like. I don't like them, so don't worry about me. They are all specially for you."
    "Well, thanks Grandma!"
    "No problem honey! I'll be home around three-ish. I've got to go. Bye, sweetheart!"
    "Love you Grandma! Be careful!" 
    As Grandma left, I looked at my stomach. The swelling had gone down some. Thank God! And I was hungry for once! So I started pigging out...
    I looked at my stomach. I had scarfed down 22 slices. Nearly 3/4 of the cheese sticks were in my belly. 
    I couldn't believe how huge my stomach was! I went upstairs. My Softe shorts were pinching a little now, too. I lifted up my tanktop that accented every little angle on my fat, little belly. I could't believe it! Since I'd been at Grandma's, I'd probably gained three pounds!! That was a LOT. 
    I rubbed my belly and moaned a little at how much it hurt. In a way, it was ironic. I almost liked eating at Grandma's! I was becoming such a fat little piggy! I started to tease myself.
    "You are just the biggest, little piggy, Callie! Naughty, little girl! Or should I say naughty, piggy?!"
    So I sat down to rest. When I woke up, it was five. Grandma was surely home. I walked downstairs to check on her.
    "Oh, Callie! Sweetheart, wouldn't you love to join me for supper?"